Microsoft Error opening Word documents

Microsoft Word Error opening certain documents in Evolve: 

Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

Try these suggestions.

*Check the file permission for the document or drive

*Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space

*Open file with Text Recovery Converter

The MS Word error above can be vague and may not be correctly reflecting the issue. It may be that MS Word is flagging the document as suspicious but doesn't give a useful message when the document is opened via a third party application like Evolve.

To get a relevant message - Go to the Word document in your Evolve Workarea. To do this:

1. Highlight the document in Evolve and select (CTRL+ALT+E) on your keyboard. This will open your document where it is located in Windows Explorer.

2. Now try to open the document. It should open the document but flagged it as Blocked Content. You will need to contact your IT about how to stop MS Word from blocking these documents.

Example A: Protected View


Select the 'Click for more details' option and this will take you to the below view and allow you to select 'Edit Anyway'


 Example B: File Block Settings

Select the 'File Block Settings' option and this will take you to the below view. For any type that is ticked, its automatically blocking those from being opened. You should consult with your IT what should be ticked.

NOTE: If you still receive the original message on screen after Step 2, you may need to alter some Word settings first. In MS Word go to File->Options->Trust Center->Trust Center Settings->Protected View.

Oddly if these three options are off MS Word may block the document by default without telling you why. Turn on these three options, click OK and restart MS Word and repeat step 2.


If you have any queries in relation to Microsoft Word Security or the Protected View, you should consult your IT provider.





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