How to change the load behavior of the Office Add-ins

If your add-in(s) are disabled after a PC reboot each day, your IT can change a Windows setting to prevent this from occurring.

The issue occurs because the Load Behaviour of the Add-in changes in the Office application (there can be several factors for this including starting slowly)

There are a number of Load Behaviour states that can occur and they get written to a registry value for the Add-in. In order to restore the default behaviour of loading at startup the registry value needs to be changed to a value of 3.

The possible Load Behaviour values are list in the following link but anything other than 3 essentially means the Evolve add-in won’t be displayed.

There are 4 registry keys where the “LoadBehavior” value (note the American spelling!) can be set for the Evolve Add-ins (2 for Outlook and 2 for Word).

These are:





In each case a DWORD value is set with the name “LoadBehavior” and the value of 3.

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