Can't save changes to PDF form when created/opened in Evolve

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Can't save changes to editable PDF forms (Like CA24 when created/opened in Evolve)

This was functionality that worked in Adobe Reader 9 but stopped working in Adobe Reader 10 and higher.

1. You can type into the boxes but you are prompted with the 'Save as' screen, even though you have it checked out.

In Adobe Reader/Acrobat 10 or higher there is a setting that if you turn it off, it will allow you to do a Save and not prompt with the 'Save As' screen.

In Adobe and go to Edit --> Preferences --> Security (Enhanced) ->Turning off "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" or Only use Protected View for 'Files from potentially unsafe locations'. This stops the 'Save as' window.

2. You can't type into the PDF boxes:

If you are getting the error below upon opening the Document this is because the document has been imported and tag replacement has been run against the document. 

There are two options here:

  1. Store PDF forms like this in a Library that has 'Has tags' turn off. This means that all documents inside that library will not be scanning for tags when using 'Add from Library'. 
  2. Store the PDF form in the Templates library and use 'Add New' to import the document into a matter. The 'Add New' option does not do any tag replacement on a document.



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