Is it possible to set up an entirely independent database for a branch office?

This article applies to the following scenario for Legal Evolve Plus

  • You have change your business structure, or
  • You have merged with another firm, or
  • You would like to set up a parallel installation


The system has a built-in concept of Division which you can use to manage different business entities.  Each business entity can have an entirely different chart of accounts, and therefore, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.  A number of other reports can be generated by division, many have the option to be run in a consolidated manner also.  This feature is the preferred method of managing multiple business entities.

We cannot set-up a entirely independent parallel installation of the system.  To do so would require us to maintain two separate installations, upgrades, customisations, user accounts and licenses, and in effect doubling the support requirements.  If this is an absolute requirement and you would like this set up, we could arrange it, however, it would incur an additional licencing, set up, possible migration and annual support fees, in effect doubling your costs. Please contact our professional services team to arrange setup if you require it by emailing


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