Mac OS environment shortcomings

Performance and Virtual machine memory requirements

The host PC should have at least 2GB of RAM, ideally 4GB. If the virtual environment is dedicated to running Legal Evolve on Windows XP, 512MB of RAM is sufficient. If the virtual environment is running Windows 7, 1GB of RAM is required.

In general, all applications (including Legal Evolve) will perform slightly slower in a virtualised environment.

E-mail Feature

  • Entourage cannot open .msg files generated by Outlook
  • Right click E-mail document context menu doesn't work well.  Because VMware doesn't translate Windows e-mail commands to the Mac environment.  Emailing documents can be done via drag+and+drop, which is the same as moving a file out of the VM.

File-Application Associations

Double-clicking a document in the Windows environment will trigger an attempt to open the document in the Windows environment. Typically, the Windows environment will not have many office application installed. To open it with the associated application in the Mac host environment, the VMwareHostOpen.exe utility is required. It is installed with VMware Tools, and is typically located at %PROGRAM_FILES%\VMware Tools\VMwareHostOpen.exe --file <file_path>. <file_path> must be a location that is shared between the host and the guest operating system in VMware machine settings.

Printers and Peripherals

Windows will need to communicate with devices connected to the Mac machine through VMware Fusion. You will need to be aware that a device (scanner, printer, DVD ROM for example) can be connected to either Windows or Mac, but not both at the same time.

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