How do I setup assigning dictations through Evolve?

This article applies to the following:

  • Legal Evolve Plus and Legal Evolve version 3.2.6 or higher.
  • Setting up Legal Evolve to pick up dictations from your dictation device or PC.
  • How to assign dictations via Evolve

Set up Procedure

  1. Legal Evolve Plus users - Click on the Evolve icon on the top left and go to Tools > Evolve Platform Options. Evolve users - go to Tool->Options.
  2. In the pop-up menu, click on the "Dictation" tab.
  3. Place the path (Drive letter) to your dictation device or finished dictations folder into the 'Locations' field. Each path should be separate by ;

Different dictations devices have different paths.

  • Example of a Philips Digital Pocket Memo: E:\;F:\
  • Example of an Olympus Dictation Device: F:\DSS_FLDA;F:\DSS_FLDB;F:\DSS_FLDC;F:\DSS_FLDD;F:\DSS_FLDE;F:\DSS_FLDF
  • If you are using software that records directly onto your PC you should place the path to your 'Finished' dictations folder.

4. Default Transcriptionist: You can choose to set a default transcriptionist for dictations. This should be the username and not the displayname of the user. For example Amanda.Clifford not Amanda Clifford. 

5. Default Priorty: You can choose to set a default priority. High, Medium and Low are the available options.

6. Click Apply and Ok to save settings. 

7. Click on Dictation on the Home or Desktop Control panel and the Assign window will appear.

Assigning a dictation

To assign a dictation-

  1. Connect your digital dictation device to the PC.
  2. Launch the Dictation Import window by clicking on the dictation icon in the Evolve Platform.


*Tip: Right-click on a dictation to rename.


  1. Select the user that you want to send the dictation(s) to by typing the name or from the ellipsis button beside User.
  2. Choose your priority (High, Medium or Low).
  3. You also have the option of specifying a <Project> reference and Template letter that will automatically be created and opened in that <Project> when the transcriber hits Play.

If the reference typed is not valid a redwill appear. The Template list can be configured to point to any library within the Evolve Platform. Please contact a member of the support team to update or change the configuration. If the dictation is assigned while the red  appears next to the reference no document will automatically be created when this dictation is played.


  1. Tick on the dictations that you want to send to the selected user.
  2. Click on the Assign


Tip: If you open the Dictation Import window but you do not wish to assign any dictations at that point in time, click on the continue button. Your dictations can then be accessed again by clicking on the Dictation button or the Dictation Import Application..


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