Change the default sync time of the calendar sync / diary sync

The Evolve to Outlook calendar silent sync automatically occurs every hour on the half hour eg 11:30, 12:30 and so on.

However if you would like to change this or stagger the time across multiple PCs, you can achieve this by updating a configuration key in an individual user's roaming application data folder.

The configuration key:

  <add key="cms.task.SilentDiarySync.time" value="10|Hourly" />

This example silently syncs the calendar at 10 minutes past the hour, every hour.

Other Examples:

Daily, Weekly, Hourly, ByMinute

value="10:55:00 PM|Daily" - every day at 10:55pm

value="20|Hourly" - every hour at 20 minutes pass the hour

How to add this to a user's account:

1. Close the Evolve client application first.

2. Search or Open the Run screen and enter %appdata%\Documatics\Office Evolve\Client on the PC.

3. Open the CONFIG file OfficeEvolveDesktop.exe.config with Notepad. (Its best practice to backup the config file before making any changes.)

4. First search for SilentDiarySync to make sure the configuration key does not already exist. If it does update it, if not add <add key="cms.task.SilentDiarySync.time" value="20|Hourly" />



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