How to install or update the Microsoft Word and Outlook Addins (Legal Evolve Plus Only)?

How to install the  Microsoft Word and Outlook Addins


Uninstalling the old add-ins

In order to install a new version of the add-ins, the old one must be removed first.

To remove them, from the Control Panel, locate and uninstall Outlook Practice Management Add-In, and Word Practice Management Add-in

Some earlier version of the add-in are a per-user installation, which means you must uninstall both the Word and Outlook add-ins, after having logged in as the same account you've used to install them in the past.


Installing the old add-ins


1. All of the Legal Evolve Office Add-in installers are stored in the Start menu. To access go to 

Windows icon OR Start > All Programs and select one of the add-in installers shown in the list:


2. A pop up will appear with a Next button at the bottom right corner. Click Next > Next > Next.


3. On the last screen click on the Close button. 


For Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8, you may not be able to see the Start button.

To find the installers on Windows 8:

1. Hit the windows key on your keyboard which is between the Ctrl and Alt key on the bottom left of the
keyboard to get to the tile screen.

2. Type Outlook as soon as you get to the tile screen

3. Click on Setup Microsoft Outlook Add-In

4. Repeat for each program (i.e. Word and Excel) 



Handy Tip

You can add the add-in icons to your Quick Toolbar in Word, Excel and Outlook. To do this:
1. Open the application, e.g. Word
2. Go to the Practice Evolve/Legal Evolve tab and right-click on the Practice Evolve icon
3. Select Add to Quick Access Toolbar

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