How to reset the Legal Evolve Plus services

How to reset the Legal Evolve Plus services

Important: You should not carry out this action unless all staff are unable to access Legal Evolve Plus

From time to time Windows services, set to start automatically don't, Legal Evolve Plus can be effected by this occurrence. This can happen more frequently to Windows services running on a PC or laptop vs a Server. 

To reset Legal Evolve Plus services:

1.  Open the Start Menu, type services.msc into the search box and press Enter.



2. Now you must stop the Legal Evolve Plus services. There are two Legal Evolve Plus services - Documatics Service and ClickOne Service.

3. Right click on the Documatics Service first and select Stop. You may get an error on screen when stopping one of the services. Simply click OK on this error.

Do the same for the ClickOne Service. 

4. Now we must start the services. The Documatics Service should be started first and then the ClickOne Service.

5. Log into Legal Evolve Plus as normal. It could take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or two for the services to fully start. This depends on the speed of the PC.

If you are still not able to log into please contact the help desk - Submit ticket

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