How to set up an Olympus Dictaphone to Evolve

When an Olympus Dictaphone is connected to a PC it will be picked by a drive. This drive may vary depending on how many USB's are connected to the PC. (e.g D, E, F, G, the screenshot below shows the Dictaphone is connected to the E Drive)



You can find which drive your Olympus device is connected to by going to My Computer on your PC. 

To set up the Olympus Dictaphone in Evolve first go to the Evolve Globe (circular icon at the top left of screen) ->select-> Tools -> Evolve Platform Options -> Dictation.

In the Location field, the Drive and Location for each folder on the Dictaphone will need to be entered here and separated by ';'

For example: 

Drive: E:\

Location-> DSS_FLDA <- (A is for the folder A on the Dictaphone)


This will need to be enetered for all folders on the Dictaphone.


(E is the drive and A,B,C,D,E are the folders)


The example below shows the drive and location for drive D, E, F & G. 




Once the put the location in for the correct Drive,select-> Apply-> Ok then->Select Dictation Tab in Evolve and the Dictation Import Box will appear. (see example below)



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