What is the disaster recovery process?

The recommended backup procedure is to backup following folder at least on a daily basis:

Program Directory Examples:
Data Directory Examples:
There is an SQL database (Evolve) or databases (Evolve Plus) that should also be backed up. The instance name should contains either Documatics or PracticeEvolve.
  • The Program Directory is where the server component of Evolve is installed, it does not change often, but it contains configuration files that will speed up data recovery
  • The Data Directory is the location where customisations and documents are stored - it will be on a drive you nominate for storing and accessing documents and other client data. All documentation in Evolve is stored within the DataDirectory\Data\Archive. If you can not find the full data directory please contact help@documatics.com
  • The frequency of backup can be varied depending on the client's acceptable data loss requirement
  • There may be files in this location that may be locked for reading or writing, so it may be necessary to use the Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to take the backup
  • SQL Database(s) - This directory also contains the SQL database .bak files of the SQL server database(s) required for Evolve's operation. Unless this feature has been turned off on request. If the client has a different acceptable data loss requirement, you will need to use SQL Server management tools and utilities to generate a backups more frequently.  By default, the system keeps 4 days of database backups, automatically removing old backups. If you can't find the .BAK database files contact our help desk at help@documatics.com
  • The database backups are taken at 11pm and/or 3am server local time by default
  • The database backup size could grow to a couple of gigabytes each if the system is managing large data sets
  • The document backup size depends on how many documents the firm is managing, and varies significantly depending on how the system is used, however, the size can be estimated by looking at the size of the <DataPath>\Data\Archive directory
To recover from backups, follow these steps:
  • Contact the Documatics help desk to have them lined up to assist with below - help@documatics.com
  • Ensure there are no ClickOneLegalService and DocumaticsService or Legal Evolve Service running in Windows Services (services.msc)
  • If the Data Directory is lost, restore the Data Directory from backup to the same location
  • If the Program Directory installation is lost, restore the Program Directory from backup to the same location and contact Documatics help desk -help@documatics.com
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