How do I fix the text being cut off /squashed on the screen?

This article applies to the following scenario

  • Some labels or text boxes are covered up or occluded on the screen
  • You may have a high resolution display
  • Your Windows setting may have set the font size to a value higher than 96 dpi or greater than 100%
  • You like to see larger display font size

Text Resolution

The system currently doesn't support screen font/text resolution of anything higher than 100% or 96 dpi.  Until we make changes to support for high resolution screens, please follow these instructions in resolving this issue.

NOTE: The following guide is provided to assist you with working around this issue, but it is an issue caused by Windows and any issues you encounter in disabling this that are not answered by this guide will need to be handled by your IT company.

To check if this is an issue, go to your desktop. Right click and select Screen resolution. Pick 'Make text and other items larger or smaller'


This is the screen you should get to:


If this setting is not set to 100% then Evolve will have issues. You can either change this here back to 100% or you can try to change the setting for Evolve only.

To do this, right click on the Evolve icon on your desktop, select Properties and go to the Compatibility tab.

Select the 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'


This will prevent Windows from changing the size of the icons and text inside Evolve. Close and reopen Evolve to test if the issue is resolved.

If you're using Windows Vista

If you're using Window 8
Follow the instructions on "Make text and other items on the desktop larger"

If you're using Windows 7
Follow the instructions here:

Set the font size to 100% at 96dpi

Screen Resolution

If the text now appears too small for your liking, you will have to reduce the resolution of your display. 

It is not recommended to set your resolution lower then 1280x768. You can go lower but would need to adjust your Evolve view by hiding the Practice Explorer and/or the ribbon to maximize the space on the screen. Even at 1280x768 the height is low and you might have to hide the ribbon. 

More details:

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