Installing Client Application and Addins

This article applies to the following scenario:

PracticeEvolve server and client application was installed on the server

    • PracticeEvolve server and client application were updated on the server
    • PracticeEvolve client application needs to be installed on a machine

    The general workflow is as follows:

    • PE will install the software binaries on the server.
    • Installer files can be found under the PE Data directory
    • Client's IT will access the installer files from the above path
    • Client's IT will install the client application on client machines
    • Client or Client's IT will install the Office (Word/Outlook) Addins

    PE refers to the PracticeEvolve team, Client is the end user (usually Law Firm users), and Client's IT are the IT team engaged by the Client. Please note, in order to install the application or addins, the user will require administrator privileges. Typically in a Terminal Server environment, the Client's IT will be required to roll out the installation on there.

Application Installation Procedure (5 step procedure)

Legal Evolve Plus\Practice Evolve Plus

There are two different Evolve products. Double check with Documatics if you are unsure if this is Evolve Plus or Evolve standalone -

Step 1: Accessing the Installation File

The installer files are located under the data directory on the application server. Please contact your IT provider to access the file on the server, or another user in the firm with server access.

  1. Navigate to the provided file path

PracticeEvolve Plus

    • Share \\Servername\Documatics\3.9.1712.1909\PracticeEvolveClientSetup.msi
    • C:\Documatics\Updates\ClickOneLegal\3.9.1712.1909\PracticeEvolveClientSetup.msi
    • C:\ may be D:\ or another drive depending on the server architecture. The drive letter is the data drive for PracticeEvolve
    • 3.9.1712.1909 may be another version number. Unless rolling back, it should always be the highest number in the ClickOneLegal folder

PracticeEvolve Standalone 

    • For Legal Evolve standalone an example path would be \\Servername\Documatics\Legal Evolve Client Installer.msi

Step 2: Sharing the Installation File

You may distribute the installation file to the system using a number of ways. Here are some common examples

  1. Group Policy or another management platform
  2. Share the folder containing the installation file such as on a network drive
  3. Use TeamViewer or another system to transfer the file

Step 3: Installing\Upgrading the Application

Evolve Plus

The installation and upgrade of Evolve Plus use the same procedure of running the MSI file. After the user machine or terminal environment has access to the installation file, you may proceed with the installation.

  1. You may copy the installation file to the user machine instead of running it over the network
  2. Run PracticeEvolveClientSetup.msi
  3. The process is a simple Next>Next>Finish procedure

Evolve Standalone

Installing the Application

After the user machine or terminal environment has access to the installation file, you may proceed with the installation.

  1. You may copy the installation file to the user machine instead of running it over the network
  2. Run Legal Evolve Client Installer.msi
  3. The process is a simple Next>Next>Finish procedure. IMPORTANT When prompted enter the hostname where the Evolve service has been installed. Leave the port as 6087 unless unwise instructed.

 Upgrading the Application

After PE has completed the server side upgrade, you just need to double click on the Evolve application shortcut. The applications will download the latest dlls from the server and update those in C:\Program Files (x86)\Documatics\Legal Evolve\Client\bin. As this process writes to Program files it will require Administrator privileges and may need to be 'Run as Administrator' to complete

  1. Right click on the Evolve shortcut and select 'Run as Administrator' (example path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Documatics\Legal Evolve\Client\ - OfficeEvolve.exe)
  2. The newest upgrade will download from the server. You may be prompted to click YES to allow the upgrade.
  3. The Evolve login screen will appear. Click the ESC key on your keyboard and open Evolve again. The reason you must close and re-open is so that you are no longer running Evolve under Windows Administrator rights.


Office Addin Installation Procedure 

Step 4: Removing Existing Addins

Unless this is the first time the addins are being installed on the machine, the previous versions should be removed.

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. For Outlook, uninstall Outlook Practice Management Addin
  3. For Word, uninstall Word Practice Management Addin
  4. Refresh Control Panel to ensure the removal is successful

Step 5: Installing the New Addins

Evolve Plus

The Addins can only be installed on the machine if the client application has been installed.

  1. Navigate to the installation path. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Documatics\LEPlus\Client OR C:\Program Files (x86)\PracticeEvolve\Client
  2. Outlook Addin is in the folder CMSOfficeOutlookUniversalAddInLibrarySetup
  3. Word Addin is in the folder CMSOfficeWordUniversalAddInLibrarySetup
  4. Run setup.exe for both as Administrator

Evolve Standalone

The Addins can be found on the server in the same location as the client installer

  1. Navigate to the share Example: \\ServerName\Documatics\3.9.1712.1909\Office_Addins
  2. Outlook Addin is CMSOfficeOutlookUniversalAddInLibrarySetup.msi
  3. Word Addin is CMSOfficeWordUniversalAddInLibrarySetup.msi
  4. Run both MSI files to install


IMPORTANT: It is vital that the Evolve Client application is added as an exclusion\exception in the local Antivirus as Evolve communications over the network via TCP\IP on ports 6087, 6090, 8001, 8003


Please refer to this link if the Addins could not be removed. This may be due to system permissions or an error in the setup stage.

You are now ready to run Legal Evolve\Legal Evolve Plus with Addins on the client machine!

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