Migrating Evolve Between Servers Legal Evolve Plus ONLY

This article applies to the following scenario:

  • Legal Evolve Plus is currently installed on an existing server
  • You would like Legal Evolve Plus moved to new server
  • You would like to move your Legal Evolve Plus data to the new server

The general workflow is as follows:

  • IT will access old server
  • IT will copy DOCUMATICS data to new server
  • DOCUMATICS Team will install and configure DOCUMATICS on new server 

'DOCUMATICS' refers to the Documatics team, 'IT' are the Managed IT Services Team engaged by the law firm. 

Migration Procedure 

Step 1: Definition of program components

These are the components of our Software which are involved in the migration process

  1. Installation Directory

    • Example path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PracticeEvolve or C:\Program Files (x86)\Documatics
    • C:\ may be D:\ or another drive Documatic on the server architecture
    • Contains the installation files, settings and certain customisations for the site
  2. Data Directory

    • Example path: D:\Documatics
    • May be D:\ or another drive Documatics on the server architecture
    • Contains the documents, integration data, and installation files
  3. Databases

    • 2 SQL databases for each installation of Documatics
    • LEPlus_c1, LEPlus_doc are the 2 databases
    • Names may vary slightly

Step 2: Preparing the new environment

The new environment needs to be prepared to allow DOCUMATICS services to be hosted. This should be prepared in advance by IT

  1. Ensure that the System Requirements have been met
  2. Assess time frame that may be needed to copy the components outlined in Step 1 and inform the DOCUMATICS team
  3. Install SQL Server and SQL Management studio equivalent to, or newer than the existing server
  4. Restore backups of the databases onto the new system to act as "trial" databases. These do not need to be the latest copy. You can back these up on the existing server.
  5. Copy across the installation binaries directory from old to new (<Data Directory>\Updates\ClickOneLegal)
  6. Copy across the "Installation Directory"
  7. Copy across the "Data Directory"
  8. Install DOCUMATICS Client application on any new server farms or end user machines

Step 3: Installing Legal Evolve Plus

After the necessary data base been moved across, the DOCUMATICS team can assist with installing DOCUMATICS again, and configuring the server application to run on the new system. The following will be done by DOCUMATICS

  1. Installation of Legal Evolve Plus Server application on the server
  2. Installation of Legal Evolve Plus Client application on the server
  3. Configuration of Legal Evolve Plus to connect with the trial "Databases"
  4. Configuration of Legal Evolve Plus to read from the new data directory location
  5. Provide the new connection address users may need to connect to the new Legal Evolve Plus server 

Step 4: Cut-over and Migration

Occurs after the final cut-over date has been agreed. The existing environment needs to be stopped, and the data moved to the new server. Action to be taken by the IT company. It is very important that the services are stopped prior to copying data.

  1. Open "services.msc". Stop "ClickOne Service" and "Documatics Service" on NEW server
  2. Disable above services on OLD server
  3. Delete <DataDirectory>\Data\Archive\index from NEW server to ensure index fragments do not have conflicts
  4. Update the "Data Directory" from the old server to the new server. The transfer can be done through incremental sync each night, but it is important that the final sync occurs after the services are stopped.
  5. Detach or backup the existing "Databases" and move to new server
  6. Attach or restore "Databases" on the new server
  7. Start "Documatics Service". Pause 60 seconds. Start "ClickOne Service" on NEW server

After the services have been restarted, users should now be able to log into the new system. Should this migration be a split and the old server is required, start the services back on the old server. Please check with the DOCUMATICS team first as there may be licensing conflicts.

Additional Information

Scheduling the Migration

Before we begin any server migration, it is imperative that we are informed at least 2 weeks ahead of the time. We cannot proceed without booking in this time slot. This ensures our team can prepare the time slot available. The IT company should ensure the integrity of the data copied across is maintained. 

The above procedure outlined refers to the "live" Evolve system. If you also require the staging system, then this will need to be repeated for the staging environment.

To ensure that this is a smooth process, we ask that the Windows service account we are logged into has sufficient Administrator privileges to install applications, run PowerShell scripts and make modifications to our databases through SQL Management Studio.

Client login details

Server migrations often lead to a new listening address for the services, and users will need to enter the new value at the client application login screen. EG Servername:8001


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