Legal Evolve Installer

The below installer is for Legal Evolve Only. For Legal Evolve Plus or Practice Evolve Plus check your local server share (eg \\SERVERNAME\Documatics\x.x.xxxx\ - PracticeEvolveClientInstaller.msi) or contact us - submit new request

Click below to download:

Evolve Installer

The installer is a simple Next, Next installation process. When prompted for the Hostname enter your server name where Evolve is hosted. The Port should be left as 6087 unless otherwise instructed.

Once the initial install completes there should be an Evolve Icon on the Desktop.

Right Click on the Evolve Desktop Icon and "Run As Admin"

This will pull down files from the server and complete the main Install.

When presented with the "Login" screen click "Esc" to stop running the program as ""Admin"

Double click Evolve and open as normal.


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