Transcription Buddy - Setup and installation

Transcription Buddy is a transcription application designed by a company called High Criteria, it is not developed by Documatics but can be used alongside Legal Evolve to play dictations. For support using Transcription Buddy contact

Configuration- Important Transcription Buddy does not support the new Olympus DS2 format and all dictation devices should be set to record in Classic Mode if Transcription Buddy is being utilized.

Transcription Buddy can be purchased from High Criteria here:


1. When running the installer select option shown below. This will prevents any issues should users names on the PC be changed in the future. Click Next, Next... to finish the install.


2. Once the installation is complete you need to add the files to support playing DSS files and connecting to a Philips Infinity Foot Pedal.

Drop Infinity.dll and Dsscore.dll into Transcription Buddy installation – C:\Program Files (x86)\HighCriteria\TranscriptionBuddy - see Zip file below.

3. Set Transcription Buddy as the default player for DSS file types. If you are recording in WAV or MP3 you should also change these file types to open with Transcription Buddy.

4. Registration - In the application go to Help->Registration. Your registration code should have been emailed to you by High Criteria when you purchased Transcription Buddy. 

5. Configuring Foot Pedal – In the application go to View->Options-Foot Control – Run Foot Control Wizard following instructions on screen.

Note: Foot pedals can be customised via the Set Pedal Functions option. Olympus Foot pedals are not supported

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