4.0 Update Notes



Feature 5188: Make Aged WIP Report Immutable as at Different Point-in-Time

Enhancement 5244: Make Ledger Transfer Report Customisable

  • Able to print and reprint a ledger transfer transaction on the office and trust journal

Enhancement 8138: Allow Aged Debtors Report to be Grouped According to Client Label

Enhancement 8528: Improved Anticipated Disbursements Error

  • Indication provided when saving an Anticipated Disbursement if the Tax Code and Billing Tax Code is incomplete

Enhancement 8567: Improved Fear Earner Performance Report

  • WIP Billing Collection Report will display correct month value, even if the workstation has a different timezone to the server

Enhancement 8597: Improved Filter for Currently Logged on User to show Actionable Requisitions

  • If the option "Pending Action By" is ticked and you select a user, it will show all items you can take action on

Enhancement 8624: Add Matter Count Measure to Matter Summary Fact (CUBE Report)


Enhancement 7822: Sort Folders Alphabetically on the Add In Filing Screen

Enhancement 7935: Updated 'PracticeEvolve Plus' Help Menu Hyperlinks




Feature 6531: Dashboard, First Phase Launch

  • First phase implementation, providing layouts for firm-wide and personal use. User Guide to be release shortly

Enhancement 8138: Group Aged Debtors Report according to Client Label


Enhancement 6786: Allow Last Accessed/Searched Files to be Available in the Add In Filing Dialog

Enhancement 8508: Prompt User if no Local Version of a Checked Out Document in Workarea

  • User is prompted if no local version of document exists after checkout. Adds clarification if workarea is cleared

 Enhancement 8587: Increase Size of Pop-up Information Windows

  • Improve user experience for windows such as Parties and Clients




Enhancement 8606: Windows 10 creator's update (1709)

  •  As Microsoft has not released a solution, we have made enhancements to work around some visibility glitches caused




Enhancement 8497: Add Review Date to the Safe Custody Register Report

Enhancement 8511: Add Count and Total to Import Bank Transaction Screen

  • Assists in verifying import integrity



 Initial Release


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