Practice Evolve Plus 4.0 Update Notes



Enhancement 3777: Office/Trust Deposit History screen to show totals 

  • Bank Deposit History will show the deposit total for multiple receipts.

Enhancement 7997: Make matter details available to a composite invoice

Enhancement 8920: Change Total Owing to be Tax Inclusive, and replicate Matter Financials tab summary items on Client Financials tab

  • Total Owing on Matter Financial Summary screen includes all GST values

Enhancement 8990: Update to Timesheet Summary Report print settings

  • Enhancements to Timesheet Summary Report that fits better once printed in Excel

Defect Fix: 7475: Purchases Reports missing journal filter, and Office Expense filter not correct

  • Purchases reports now show disbursements and office expenses filter correctly

Defect Fix 8112: Null Value Error when editing a purchase 

Defect Fix 8142: Rounding issues with composite invoices when adjusting and discounting

  • Composite invoices now correctly show discounted values

Defect Fix 8604: Fee Analysis Cube Matter Opened and Closed measures not working

Defect Fix 8621: Non-linked anticipated disbursement with ledger entries incorrectly being selected for Purchase and Payment

  • Anticipated Disbursements do not incur ledger entries when invoiced to clients

Defect Fix 8702: Matter Status and Opened Date criteria not respected by Matter Profitability Report

  • Selecting Matter Status and Matter Date range now show correct matter lists and corresponding financial details for Accounting Reports

Defect Fix 8761: Manage lodgements screen generates errors if user does not have permissions to any matter listed

  • Correctly hide lodgement if a matter security is set against a user

Defect Fix 8814: Dashboard Actual and Budget widgets showing incorrect values

  • Now shows accurate budgets and actual services rendered for the day, week, and year

Defect Fix 8825: Safe Custody Document History - Event Date, Notes, Employee Name Columns are blank on first Check-In

Defect Fix 8846: Editing Purchase does not show cost centre on UI, incorrectly allows both Account and Matter to be blank

  • Able to edit a purchase by updating the transaction with a new cost centre

Defect Fix 8872: Unpaid Disbursements do not include Direct Client AD Payment on Trust to Office screenH

  • Unpaid Disbursements now include Direct Client payments against anticipated disbursements on Trust to Office screen

Defect Fix 8905: Office Payment: zero amount allocation causes unfriendly error message

Defect Fix 8601: Cannot print Transaction Document if duplicate entities are linked to the same user

  • Now able to re-print transactions recorded against the same user

Defect Fix 8848: Accrual-to-cash Conversion To Use Recorded Invoice Allocation if it Exists

Defect Fix 8912: Timesheet Summary Report Performance Enhancements

Defect Fix 8917: Unpaid disbursement warning not appearing correctly on Trust to Office Screen

Defect Fix 8919: General journal transactions with multiple cash account journal entries will generate incorrect Cash Analysis Report for that cash account

  • The Cashbook Analysis Report will now sum all the Debits and Credits of the transaction belonging to the same account

Defect Fix 8923: Cash-basis general ledger report missing invoice adjustment transactions without allocation history

Defect Fix 8964: Ledger Transfers should not show when an account is selected in View Journal screen

Defect Fix 8973: Purchases have incorrect last Updated By user name

Defect Fix 8979: Fee Earner WIP Report showing incorrect hours

Defect Fix 8982: Allocating to the same invoice multiple times in the same Office Receipt transaction generates incorrect invoice allocation

Defect Fix 8986: Requested Date criteria not being respected on Manage Requisition screen

Defect Fix 8989: Matter Trust Receipt screen selecting incorrect Journal 

Defect Fix 9021: Layout Permissions not respected for the Cube reports

  • Each layout can now have its own set of permissions, which controls only the visibility of the layout. The data is not affected

Defect Fix 9038: Default journal not respected when recording Receipts and Payments

  • When setting a default Journal, all receipts and Payments will now automatically appear with the journal and division when recording


Enhancement 8897: Index emails when body content is not html

  • Plain text emails are now being added to the index

Defect Fix 7095: Combo type filters on general reports do not display elements from all matter types

Defect Fix 8631: Renamed scan files not refreshing until tab closed

Defect Fix 8684: Calendar Creation should be done at user setup, rather than first access to Calendars in the diary section

  • Resolved issue where duplicate calendars were created for new users

Defect Fix 8864: Merging an entity is also merging entities it is a party to

  • Resolved issue with merging joint parties/organisations that were linked to the merging entity.

Defect Fix 8885: Slow performance on 'Show Report' menu with a very large number of documents

Defect Fix 8943: File Transfer fails for extremely large files

Defect Fix 8955: Sent date on previous emails in chain incorrect when converted to PDF or Doc

  • Resolved issue where the Sent dates in the body of emails were being incorrectly set to the current date when converting to PDF or Doc

Defect Fix 9014: Excel text replacement not handling duplicate tags

  • Fixed an issue where tags with multiple choices weren't being imported in Excel precedent documents

Defect Fix 9022: BusinessType dropdown creates different lists in different circumstances

  • Business Types dropdown is now the same when creating a new contact from a client in the directory.

Defect Fix 9025: Replies to emails that have been created using the "Save as email" option are attempting to overwrite the original email

  • Replied email now links to the same folder/original email as expected




Feature 8940: Add Client Labels filter to WIP Report

Enhancement 6531: Dashboard

  • Slight tweaks to ensure the Delete button works under extended scenarios

Enhancement 8649: Show supplier balance on Matter Disbursement tab

Enhancement 8965: Matter Permissions button is now available to those with the Administrator Role ONLY.

Defect Fix: 8203: Allow users to record Receipts and post other transactions for On-Hold Matters

  • Ability to record disbursements, invoices and adjustments against on-hold matters

Defect Fix 8669: Incorrect Time Entry UI behaviour with pending entries and selected day

  • Ability to see all Pending Entries in timesheet by de-selecting the option "Selected Day"

Defect Fix 8841: Fee Analysis does not account for reversal of fees in zero amount invoices

  • The Matter Profitability Report now displays negative WIP values entered on an invoice

Defect Fix 8922: Improve performance of Time Entry Matter selection

  • Further optimisations to timesheet performance. Should be in the system as of 4.0.1803.1808

Defect Fix 8942: Duplication of Billed Anticipated Disbursements placed on a Purchase

  • Resolved an issue where billing an AD before recording the purchase results in a duplicate of the AD cost


Enhancement 6886: Workflow activities to work from individual attributes of a one to many table

  • Resolved an issue when grouping by Received, the Internal Mail does not load

Enhancement 8868: Improve sync of attribute types from schema

Enhancement 8988: Unique Number Global Reference Generator

  • Back-end enhancements on number sequence generation to allow clients/matters to draw from the same sequence

Defect Fix 8701: Dropping a Document into the Document Explorer causes the explorer to scroll to the previously selected node

  • Resolved an issue where dragging and dropping a Document into the Document Explorer caused the screen's attention to jump up to the previous highlight

Defect Fix 8717: Column name dropdown for the first column in General Reports is blank even when a "Report On" value is selected

Defect Fix 8975: Internal Mail Archived Tab sorting incorrectly on Received and Modified columns

  • Resolved issue with fields being sorted as text instead of dates

Defect Fix 8981: Description column in Activity Explorer has incorrect text alignment

  • Text now changed back to left aligned




Enhancement 8942: Allow disbursement selector to search for anticipated disbursement by keywords when recording purchase

  • Able to search for Anticipated Disbursements by partial keywords, for payment and purchase

Defect Fix 8644: Paging not working correctly on Manage Employee screen

Defect Fix 8813: Cash Analysis Report fails with over-allocation error

  • Fixed issue with allocation errors on Cashbook Analysis Report

Defect Fix 8916: Default Cheque Template incorrect binding

  • Fixed issue on stock standard default template. The cheques will now print the File No and Client, and will no longer duplicate payment descriptions and amounts for multiple matters per cheque

Defect Fix 8945: Matter to Matter Trust transfer reversals do not have an account id

  • Improved trust ledger screen. When reversing Matter-to-Matter transfers you will be able to see the cash account for the reversal

Defect Fix 8946: DEFT does not include DivisionConfig

  • Improved to now shows Payment Clause from the Payment Signature Report, after DEFT payment is attached to PE

Defect Fix 8954: Duplicate Work Item Entries generating on the Timesheet screen

  • Avoid rare scenario of duplication on active matters when reporting against on-hold matters


Defect Fix 8880: Internal Mail does not load when a user groups emails by date

  • Resolved an issue when grouping by Received, the Internal Mail does not load

Defect Fix 8956: Currency type Precedent Tags losing their value when edited during library import

  • Resolved issue to allow users to populate currency tags in the 'Add from Library' option and update the client/matter properties, if they choose to save the updated value in the Document Library Import Window

Defect Fix 8957: Report properties lost when copying report

  • Resolved issue with copying reports. Any filters or attributes on the original report are now correctly preserved. E.g sort by asc/desc or 'Meet all of the following' filter

Defect Fix 8958: Error when converting certain matter types to another type

  • Fixed issue converting matter types that had schema attribute 
    <ruleclass value="CMS.Business.DataDriven.CurrencyRuleEngine"/>

Defect Fix 8959: Sub folders disappear when changing sort column in document explorer

  • Resolved issue where sub folders disappear. Occurs when changing sort column in document explorer, if document paging is on




Feature 1219: Allow Multiple Account Types be Assigned to the Same GL Code

  • Accessed from the Manage Journals screen

Feature 8535: Add Better Support for Multiple Trust Accounts on Accounting Reports

  • Able to select a trust account on the Trust Trial Balance Report

Enhancement 8869: Improve Performance of Time Entry Matter Selection

Enhancement 8786: Allow EFT Number Override

  • Ability to override the EFT number sequence set of the Cash Journal Account

Enhancement 8879: Improve Performance and Reliability of the Number Sequence Generator

  • Preventative measure against possible duplicates in accounting transaction sequences

Defect Fix 8309: Adjustment Entry Processed in Following Month Creates Variance in Previous Month's Bank Reconciliation Report

  • Receipting adjustments dated to an unreconciled period will no longer cause variances in the reconciled cashbook balance

Defect Fix 8565: Incorrect Last Reconciled Date Displayed on Reconciliation Screen

  • Bank reconciliation screen will show correct "Last Reconciled Date" when undoing previous bank recs. Also able to record transactions to the period

Defect Fix 8848: Accrual-to-cash Conversion To Use Recorded Invoice Allocation if it Exists

  • Improvements to Cash Recognition algorithms and methods

Defect Fix 8870: Users Added to Existing Group are not Saved until a ClickOne Service Restart

  • Users that are added to a group are viewable immediately. Users whose employees are deleted are removed from group at next save

Defect Fix 8871: Trust to Office Screen Timing Out during Commit

  • Resolved a potential deadlock that may cause time-outs during a trust to office transfer

Defect Fix 8876: WIP Posting Period Causing Duplicate Work Item Entries

  • Line entries adjusted by another user can be further modified without a need to refresh timesheets

Defect Fix 8888: Permission to Edit Time Sheet Not Handled Correctly

  • Ensures that time entries can always be adjusted with the correct permissions

Defect Fix 8892: Ledger Transfers Not Appearing on Journal Screen

  • Able to search for ledger transfer transactions in the "View Office/Trust Journal screen"

Defect Fix 8915: Supplier Reference Not Appearing on the Matter Disbursement Screen

  • On the disbursements screen, the Supplier Reference now shows the Invoice Number from the purchase


Enhancement 7039: Expand Configurable Formats for Standard Matter and Client Reference Generators

Enhancement 8877: Ensure Documents are Moved Correctly Between Matters when Using Multiple Archive Locations

  • Resolved an issue when using multiple archive locations, where documents that are moved from one matter to another, did not move to the correct Archive location.

Feature 7711: Available on request - Audit feature added to core attributes below via the  icon next to the attribute. Once implemented, any change to the attribute will be recorded, along with the date and the user.  The ability to apply a comment to a particular audit is also available.

  • Matter Name
  • Fee Earner
  • Estimated Fee
  • Estimated Disbursement

There is still an audit trail for modifications in the Activity Explorer as normal.

Defect Fix 7996: Setting "Launch Evolve Summary on startup" Causes UI Hang on Client Startup

  • Resolved issue so that users who have the Evolve Today page set to open on startup no longer freeze

Defect Fix 8549: Document ID Tag not Auto-populating when Adding Template Document to Dictation

  • Resolved issue allowing the tag <DocumentID> to correctly populate in documents imported for dictations

Defect Fix 8554: Find Matters Search not updating Acting/Responsible/Assisting when Matter is Updated

  • Person Acting and person Responsible on a matter now correctly update on the accounting reports

Defect Fix 8739: Internal Mail Does not Load with Unique Configuration Keys

Defect Fix 8866: User Group Permissions not Updating Automatically on Server when a New Group is Added or Updated

  • Resolved issue with matter security, where a change to the security would show the matter in the list, but not the search until the service was restarted

 Defect Fix 8878: Issue with Copy Matter not Correctly Handling Child Matters


Defect Fix 4089: Re-authentication After Timeout Causes Session to Become Invalid and Functionality to Fail

  • Re-authenticating after leaving Evolve open over night now works as expected

Enhancement 8367: Trust Compliance on EFT Number Sequence

  • Account-specific EFT number can now be generated automatically for receipts. QLD trust compliance

Defect Fix 8674: Payment Requisitions Should Check Against Latest Balance

  • When doing a trust requisition it will look at latest ledger balance on the matter

Enhancement 8860: Prevent Direct Client Payment from Overpaying Billed Anticipated Disbursement

  • Prevent users from recording a client over-payment of a Billed Anticipated Disbursement




Feature 925: Support Disbursement and Matter Credit Allocation for Trust-to-Office/Office-to-Trust Transfers

Enhancement 8194: Default to Exclude Closing Entries

  • Profit and Loss will default to exclude closing entries

Enhancement 8856: Show Exclude Closing Entries Parameter on the Balance Sheet and P&L

  • Ability to see on the reports if closing entries are excluded

Enhancement 8803: Increase Operation Timeout

  • Extended reporting timeout error period from 3 to 10 minutes to cater for lower-performance environments

Enhancement 8821: Prevent Users from Denying Themselves Accessing Matters or Clients

  • Users can no longer deny access to matters they set permissions for

Defect Fix 8496: Set Protected Balance Changing by the Last Trust to Office Transfer Amount

  • Protected monies will no longer change when performing a trust-to-office transfer

Defect Fix 8673: ClickOneLegalService.exe Not Gracefully Terminating

  • Server service no longer hangs indefinitely on shutdown in some rare circumstances

Defect Fix 8683: Null Exception in Anticipated Disbursement's Supplier Selector

  • Error message no longer appears when adjusting an Anticipated Disbursement Supplier field

Defect Fix 8802: Unable to Pay Anticipated Disbursement if it was Entered Prior to a Closed Period

  • Now able to pay AD's that are recorded in a divisions closed period

Defect Fix 8812: Fee Earner Performance Report Showing Incorrect Budget

  • Fee Earner Performance report now displays correct monthly budget

Defect Fix 8816: Balance Sheet Report, Hide Zero Balance without Budget Option Shows Error

  • Able to run Consolidated Balance Sheets with zero Budget

Defect Fix 8847: Total at Bottom of Screen is Incorrect When Reordering Invoice Items on Adjust Items Tab

  • Retain values when adjusting the line items on an invoice

Defect Fix 8849: Transactions Resulting From a Matter-Matter Transfer are not Assigned an AccountID

  • Ability to choose a cash account when performing matter-to-matter transfers


Feature 8343: Add "Emailed" to the Call Log Status Drop-down List

  • Users now have the option to add 'Emailed' as a status when creating a call log. This can be done by selecting the diary from the ribbon at the top, then go to call log right click and add a new call log in the status drop down menu will now be the additional option of 'Emailed'.

Enhancement 6945: Scan Enhancements

  • Thumbnail detection, the split page viewer now has the same zoom in/zoom out functionality as the document preview
  • When the document preview option is enabled, a preview window is now visible on the Scans screen. A preview should be displayed when selecting a scan or a split scan.
  • When splitting scans, split pages should retain their original orientation, e.g. if they are in landscape format they should remain landscape when split
  • Multiple scans can now be filed at once by holding CTRL and multi selecting
  • Scans are now marked as deleted when deleted. Deleted scans can be restored by an Administrator by right clicking on any scan and selecting Recycle Bin. Note that deleted scans are only preserved for 30 days, after which they are permanently deleted. This is to prevent excessive space being taken up on the server
  • It is now possible to reassign split scans to another user by right clicking and selecting "Reassign". Note that split scans are reassigned as "full scans" rather than split pages as the other user will not have access to the parent scan document
  • Scans can now be drag and dropped into the scans area by dragging the document onto any of the user names listed

Defect Fix 7514: Expanding Folders in Document Explorer Can Cause Scroll Bar to Jump Back to top of the Window

  • Scroll bar no longer jumps back to the top

Defect Fix 7840: Warn Users When Re-assigning Dictation if Already Assigned but Update Event Not Received

  • On-screen prompt added to notify a user when re-assigning a dictation, if already assigned to another user

Defect Fix 7992: Find Matters By Date is Returning Duplicate Results

  • Only matters created on the selected dated are now returned

Defect Fix 8490: Wills and Deeds Registers Not Displaying for Non-Standard Schema Containing Different Category/Instance Names

  • Add support to include custom category and instance naming for the Will and Deed registers under Home->Risk

Defect Fix 8769: Null Reference Exception Seen When Filing Emails

  • Resolved 'Object not set to an instance of an object' error when trying to rename and file an email with the Outlook add-in

Defect Fix 8791: Adding a New Directory to the File System Listener Should Not Require a Restart of the Documatics Service

  • New folder paths can now be added to the scan file listener without needing to take the server services offline

Defect Fix 8828: Import as MS Word Option for Email Fails to Import the Document

  • Resolved issue with drag and drop option on an email (MSG file) to 'Import as MS Word Document' 

Defect Fix 8867: The 'Add to Brief' Menu Command Does Not Work when Using the Simple Search Results View in the Document Explorer

  • Menu command is now supported from the Simple Search Results view in the document explorer

Defect Fix 8830: Deleting an Employee Not Correctly Sychronising as Inactive


  • Deleting an employee will no longer show an option to add to their matter list, nor making them an acting/assisting/responsible person


Feature 6461: Allow Document Attachment on Requisitions

  • External documents (PDF, Word) can be attached to a requisition and viewed by other users before approval.

Feature 6462: Allow Cheque Requisition for Purchases

  • Purchases can be selected as an option when making cheque requisitions.

Feature 7643: Allow Anticipated Disbursements to be Posted Against Own GL Accounts

  • Incurred and Anticipated disbursements can be posted against distinct GL accounts. ADs will stay as ADs.

Feature 7644: Allow Anticipated Disbursement payment from Trust

  • Anticipated Disbursements now have journal entries (Debits and Credits), allowing partial or full payments from trust.

Enhancement 7825: Allow Printing of Transactions in Batch

  • Multiple transactions can be selected from the View Office Journal screen for batch printing. All office and trust receipts have a ‘queue for print’ function for printing on demand.

Enhancement 7826: Allow Cheque Requisitions to be Approved by Selected User

  • During cheque requisition, there is an option to allow only the selected party (such as person responsible or acting person) to be notified. Previously, all users with permissions within the firm would receive a notification on any cheque awaiting approval.




Enhancement 8777: Improve Performance of Fee-Earner Profile Report

Enhancement 8771: Add a global option to allow the reconciliation of Investments and Controlled Money Accounts




Feature 5188: Make Aged WIP Report Immutable as at Different Point-in-Time

Enhancement 5244: Make Ledger Transfer Report Customisable

  • Able to print and reprint a ledger transfer transaction on the office and trust journal

Enhancement 8138: Allow Aged Debtors Report to be Grouped According to Client Label

Enhancement 8528: Improved Anticipated Disbursements Error

  • Indication provided when saving an Anticipated Disbursement if the Tax Code and Billing Tax Code is incomplete

Enhancement 8567: Improved Fear Earner Performance Report

  • WIP Billing Collection Report will display correct month value, even if the workstation has a different timezone to the server

Enhancement 8597: Improved Filter for Currently Logged on User to show Actionable Requisitions

  • If the option "Pending Action By" is ticked and you select a user, it will show all items you can take action on

Enhancement 8624: Add Matter Count Measure to Matter Summary Fact (CUBE Report)


Enhancement 7822: Sort Folders Alphabetically on the Add In Filing Screen

Enhancement 7935: Updated 'PracticeEvolve Plus' Help Menu Hyperlinks




Feature 6531: Dashboard, First Phase Launch

  • First phase implementation, providing layouts for firm-wide and personal use. User Guide to be release shortly

Enhancement 8138: Group Aged Debtors Report according to Client Label


Enhancement 6786: Allow Last Accessed/Searched Files to be Available in the Add In Filing Dialog

Enhancement 8508: Prompt User if no Local Version of a Checked Out Document in Workarea

  • User is prompted if no local version of document exists after checkout. Adds clarification if workarea is cleared

 Enhancement 8587: Increase Size of Pop-up Information Windows

  • Improve user experience for windows such as Parties and Clients




Enhancement 8606: Windows 10 creator's update (1709)

  •  As Microsoft has not released a solution, we have made enhancements to work around some visibility glitches caused




Enhancement 8497: Add Review Date to the Safe Custody Register Report

Enhancement 8511: Add Count and Total to Import Bank Transaction Screen

  • Assists in verifying import integrity



 Initial Release


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