Practice Evolve and Evolve Plus 3.9.17 Update Notes

Important Information

When updating from 3.8 or earlier to 3.9, credentials and server address at the login screen are cleared on the first installation. The configuration file has been changed to address previous stability issues. We understand that this change may be an inconvenience, but this is necessary for better performance moving forward.



Enhancement 8574: Allow disbursements to be reallocated to different matters

  • Can move disbursements from one matter to another

Enhancement 8713: Aged WIP Report does not account for billed WIP in zero value invoice

  • WIP value will change according to what was adjusted on an invoice. It will show the timesheet value prior to the invoice date and the adjusted value on or after the invoice date

Feature 8855: The "Client Label" filter 

  • The "Client Label" filter in the matter listing report should use "And" rather than "Or" when filtering


7514: Expanding folders in the document explorer can cause the scroll bar to jump back up to the top of the window

8769: Null reference exception seen when filing emails

  • Users were getting an 'Object not set to an instance of an object' error when trying to rename and file an email with the Outlook add-in. This seems to be down to the EVolveIDs in the body of the email. If the email being renamed and filed does not have an EvolveID in the body there is no issue

5003: A Modify/Delete of a re-occurring appointment instance with multiple attendees causes an error

  • A Modify/Delete of a re-occurring appointment instance with multiple attendees causes an error and failure to load appointment for that day. If Work week, week or month is selected that includes this day, the appointments will fail to load for all.

8827: "An unidentified user is associated with a document in this archive" message may appear when a new user is created

  • Fixed issue where new users were causing error message when interacting with documents.

8739: Internal mail does not load when a clients Evolve is setup for a dynamic practice Evolve Explorer i.e view by matters only

Enhancement 8068: Do not display the auto search "ID:" text in the Add In filing screen

  • When the 'Always prompt when filing emailed documents' is on, it should not display no matter or the auto search text "ID:12345" in the Add-In filing screen as users found this confusing and it would remember this search text the next time they used the add-in. Now the add-in should run the search for the matter the document originated in, without displaying any text in the search text box, but does show the matter in the results below, so all the user has to do is click 'File'.



General Accounting

Enhancement 7643: Incurred and Anticipated disbursements can be posted against distinct GL accounts.

General Accounting

Enhancement 7825: Multiple transactions can be selected from the View Office Journal screen for batch printing. All office and trust receipts have a 'queue for print' function for printing on demand.


Enhancement 6885:  Integration with Big Hand

Legal Evolve now integrates with Big Hand Digital Dictation. This means that you are able to create new Big Hand dictations through Legal Evolve by right-clicking on a client, matter or document and selecting Create BigHand Dictation from the menu. The integration allows you to access your precedents in Legal Evolve through BigHand, and automatically files to the client or matters file.

For more information on the Big Hand Integration, please see the BigHand Integration User Guide on our Web Portal.





8224: General Improvements to Handling Precedent Tagging on Long Document Names




Feature 8004: Allow New Document Versions to be Filed using Drag and Drop

Enhancement 8583: Improve System Performance on Splitting Large PDF Documents



Issue 8606

Resolved issues caused by recent Windows Updates, including Creator 1709 and Microsoft .net 4.7. 




Enhancement 8547: Improve Load Time of Options Screen for Large Numbers of Clients and Matters

Enhancement 8550: Improve Performance of Creating Clients on a System that has Large Number of Clients




Enhancement 3182: Show Issued Cheque Numbers on Manage Cheque Requisition Screen

Enhancement 8465: Setting GL Budget on Journals

  • Setting GL budget on one journal no longer clears budgets of other journals, if using the same budget set




Enhancement 8296: Search Grid Scrolling When a Selection is Made

  • Behaviour of search grids is now consistent after sorting before a selection is made

Enhancement 8437: Users and Group Screen Performance Improvement

Enhancement 8444: Automatically Group Cost-Recovery Imports

  • Cost Recovery items under Timesheets can now be compressed based on the same rate and title. Reduces repetitive clutter and enhances reporting usability




Enhancement 8181: Improve Performance of Rate Definition Lookup

  • Performance enhancements to Timesheets screen


Enhancement 8359: Allow the Add-In Filing Screen to Search for Text Less Than Three Characters in Length




Enhancement 4819: Show Reconciliation Status on Matter Disbursement and Transaction Entry Screen

  • Checkbox to indicate matter disbursement has all reconciled payments on the matter disbursement tab. Includes reconciliation date.

Enhancement 7633: When Grouping Items, All Sub Items Should All Reduce Equally

  • When grouping Items, all Sub items should all reduce equally after reduced down to zero.

Enhancement 8168: Disbursement Ledger Entries Should All Be Exclusive of Tax

  • Previously, the disbursement ledger had a combination of both tax inclusive and inclusive items. This has caused issues and is now standardised to be completely exclusive of tax.

Enhancement 8239: Performance Improvement to Aged WIP and Aged Cost Recovery Reports

Enhancement 8276: Add Requester Name to the Prepare Payment Screen




Enhancement 2547: Allow Partial Direct Payment of an Incurred Disbursement

  • Allow partial direct payment of incurred disbursements so it can be partially paid, partially written off, and used for crediting disbursements

Feature 3297: Ability to Attach Documents to a Cheque Requisition

  • E.g. Tax Invoice

Feature 7643: Allow Anticipated Disbursements to be Posted Against Own GL Accounts

  • In addition to release notes, clarification that ADs will remain as ADs


Enhancement 7703: Prompt with Email Addresses when using Email Precedents

  • On the finish page, the to;cc;bcc list is displayed.

Enhancement 8292: Diary Tasks Overhaul

  • Ability to create Key Dates from main Tasks screen has been discontinued and removed pending stability re-work

Initial 3.9 Release Notes

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