Re-instating Documents to Archived Matters

In order to free up space on a Server, documents from Archived Matters were moved to an alternate storage location.  The database currently points to the original Archive location of these documents and not where they were moved to.  If a user requires access to a document in one of these matters, the folder containing the document can be moved back to the main Document Archive which will make the documents in that folder accessible.  It is important that this is a move and not a copy as a copy would cause issues with document versions.  (DOCUMATICS cannot be held responsible for files incorrectly re-instated)

  1. Once the user identifies the document they need to access in Evolve, they need to forward the Document location details to their IT.  This can be done by Highlighting the Document in the Document Explorer and using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + i”, which will display the details below.


  1. The numerical values will point to the files location in the Document Archive.

    If the Documents were moved to \\Server\ArchivedMatters\Archive the above location would then be \\Server\ArchivedMatters\Archive\33531\35441\ with 14689#3 being the latest check-in of that document. (This Format is Client\Matter\Document#)
  1. At this point you would need to find the original location of the Document Archive for example
  2. Highlight All items in the ArchivedMatters folder from Step 2 above and cut and paste them into the original Document Archive location from Step 3 above.

Now when users open the document the documents will be accessible.

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