Using Windows Authentication in Evolve Plus

This article applies to the following scenario:

  • You use Active Directory Domain Services to log into Windows
  • You would like to use Windows Authentication to log into Evolve PLUS ONLY. 
  • PracticeEvolve Plus version 3.9 or higher

Window Authentication is only supported in the Evolve Plus system.


To utilise Windows Authentication within Evolve you will need to carry out the following steps:

1. Your IT will need to set up following, if not already done so.

  • Active Directory Domain Services to be set up for the firm
  • A User Principal Name (UPN) needs to be to be assigned to all users

2. Switch your Evolve authentication in Evolve

Once step 1 is complete, you can map a UPN to a PracticeEvolve user by going to "Management > Users and Groups" and selecting a user to be logged in with Windows Authentication.

In the User card, untick the "Internal Authentication" checkbox, tick the "Windows Authentication" checkbox and enter the user's UPN. We recommend testing this with one user account to ensure it works before switching over all users.

After clicking OK, the user will be able to authenticate by clicking on the "Login with my Windows Account" option the next time they run the Evolve software.

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