Practice Evolve Plus 4.1 Update Notes



Defect Fix 9414: The case reference generator date format always starts at 1 even when a "start at" value is provided

  • case reference generator starts as per the value set on Start at field in config file

Defect 9321: Fee Analysis Cube not displaying correct billed WIP

  • Corrected defect in wip billed measure

Defect Fix 9302: Drag and drop of folders should not produce an error

  • Drag and drop of one folder into another is not allowed in PE.

Defect Fix 9299: Workflow fails to load if it contains '€' character

  • Work Flow accepts € character in text box.

Defect Fix 9297: 'Copy and Rename' feature not taking account of 'Include linked documents when Copying' setting

  • When 'Include linked documents when Copying' is set in PE options, Copy and rename feature copies the selected file and all its child documents to the destination


Defect Fix 9321: Fee Analysis Cube not displaying correct billed WIP

  • Corrected defect in wip billed measure

Defect Fix 9234: Disbursement List view not filtering Paid Anticipated Disbursements correctly

  • Disbursement List view now filtering Paid Anticipated Disbursements correctly

Defect Fix 9186: Finalising an existing composite invoice not correctly update child invoice status

  • Fixed defect in composite invoices allowing grouping on children






Feature 8559: Add new screen for Auto Text entry

  • Discontinued legacy drop-down options for the following fields. Payment Reason, Receipt Reason, Memo. This applies to the Office/Trust Payment and Receipt screens. The auto-text feature is an enhanced replacement.




Enhancement 3099: Allow the date of a Write Off/Apply Credit to be specified for disbursement

  • The date of the disbursement write off can be set when completing the write off.

Enhancement 9152: Add an information tool-tip for Cost Centres Options

  • Under Accounting Options > Cost Centres. A message was added to inform the users that the Cost Centres only work in Accrual Basis accounting reports.

Defect Fix 4550: Search Result tab is not showing number of counts

  • Resolved issue where the total number of search result counts were not being displayed correctly on Issue Invoice, Issue Statements and Trust to Office Transfer

Defect Fix 4553: Filters not working correctly on Issue Invoice Screen

  • Resolved issue with filter parameters when multiple searches are being performed on screen

Defect Fix 8759: Update to invoice 'Sent Date' field does not persist

  • The field now persists when updated. Previously, users had to click outside for the display to change.

Defect Fix 9151: Incorrect Default rate showing on the Fee Earner WIP Report

  • The default fee earner hourly rate is now displayed correctly

Defect Fix 9155: 'Control Account' setting not saved for mapped accounts

  • Marking an Account as a "Control Account" will now persist when saving the journals

Defect Fix 9157: No results are shown when certain columns are sorted on the View Office/Trust Journal screen

  • Resolved issue when the sorting of certain columns causes no results to be displayed. Previously affected columns: IsReversal, LastUpdatedBy, LastUpdatedOn, OriginalDate, ReversesID and TransactionID


Defect Fix 9136: The Create Shortcut menu does not display the shortcut key (Ctrl+S) in the menu name

  • Right click menu on a document now contains 'Create Shortcut (CTRL + S)' 



Office Add-in Version synchronisation

  • Cosmetic changes to the numbering of installed 4.1 Office Add-ins under control panel




Feature 2868: Improvements to attaching scanned documents to Safe Custody record

  • Improvements for attachment in document history

Enhancement 7910: Trust Compliance improvements to Statement Template selection and Matter inclusion

  • Now able to choose a trust statement template and filter transactions in a given date range. A checkbox is used to specify whether processing the statements will update the matter's Last Trust Statement Sent date. Additional filters on matters with balance or unreported transactions

Enhancement 8609: Create support for CBA bank import file

Enhancement 8865: Add option to select what type of Billing Tax Code to use for disbursement searches

  • Option to select GST or provider Billing Tax Code when ordering searches

Enhancement 8900: Add warning message for Mark as Paid on Requisitions

  • A warning is now given if you attempt to mark a requisition as paid

Enhancement 8907: Import Bank Statement usability enhancements

  • When importing bank transactions it will display invoice number and matter details to match the transaction.

Enhancement 8963: Add matter number and invoice number to default subject line when emailing invoice

  • Requires SMTP configuration

Enhancement 9078: Improvements to Staged Billing Feature

  • Individual sub tasks do not allow the user to set any fees, or be individually started. The fee can now only be set on the stage level
  • A reading note is visible in the variance analysis bar chart in the accounting report
  • A reading note is visible on the top of the report to explain the projected and actual columns in the accounting reports
  • The 'Save Plan' button has been removed on the matter card in the billing plan tab
  • Filter criteria are displaying on the accounting report

Defect Fix 7667: Employee-specific provider credentials cannot be removed once saved

  • Users may now delete user-specific accounts from Search Provider Settings by highlighting the record and pressing the 'delete' key on your keyboard.

Defect Fix 8506: Cannot create client if Phone Number is null

  • Resolved exception preventing client creation

Defect Fix 8613: Debtor Notices fail if a parent invoice is assigned a debtor plan

  • Resolved an issues when the parent invoice is assigned a debtor plan. Invoices will now correctly appear on the Issue Statements > Debtor Notices

Defect Fix 8711: Aged Disbursement Report timing out 

  • Improved efficiency and faster run time of Aged Disbursement Report

Defect Fix 8725: Dashboard incorrect Matter Opened/Closed value

  • Matters Opened and Closed on the Dashboard now show correct value

Defect Fix 8765: Matter Category Parameter not Respected on Performance Reports

  • Matter Category filter now correctly showing matter results when running the Matter Profitability Report

Defect Fix 8817: DEFT integration should populate payment signature data source even if disabled

Defect Fix 8823: General Ledger Report in cash basis does not respect Tax Code filter when listing transactions

  • The correct transactions will appear when running the General Ledger Report under cash basis

Defect Fix 8838: Introducer Report does not show matters under the correct introducer

  • Previously an issue for matters without details in the period, and only have a debtors

Defect Fix 8840: Aged WIP Report and Fee Earner Profile Report timing out

  • Query efficiency improvements 

Defect Fix 8887: Aged Disbursement Report timing out on large data sets

  • Further improvements to query efficiency across large data sets

Defect Fix 8936: General Ledger Report summary row closing balance does not match the last running balance row in breakdown

  • Closing balance in the General Ledger (GL) Report will be based on Cost Centre GL instead of Firm wide GL Code

Defect Fix 8984: Paging does not work on Manage Matters screen until Search is clicked the first time

  • Resolved navigation issues on clients with large quantities of matters spanning pages. The user no longer has to click search first.

Defect Fix 9003: Only users with ~AllPermissions can create new dashboard layouts

  • Permissions have been expanded to allow further flexibility for users
  • If the User has the Dashboard permissions, then they will be able to see the 3 default layouts: New*, Personal, Firm
  • Any user with the Dashboard permission can create a new layout, using the widgets that are available to them
  • The users can only see the widgets that they have access to. If a layout has widgets that show restricted widgets, the user will not be able to see it that widget

Defect Fix 9032: Aging Analysis cube incorrectly calculating Anticipated Disbursement

  • Aging Analysis cube now correctly calculates Anticipated Disbursement (AD) for matters that only contain ADs

Defect Fix 9032: Reversing client payment on purchases does not correct the payment status

  • Reversal of Client Payment will now correctly update Disbursement Payment Status from "Paid" to "Unpaid"

Defect Fix 9059: Next receipt number increments after validation error

  • Errors during office/trust receipt it will no longer allocate a transaction number to the faulty receipt

Defect Fix 9071: Error exception on the Supplier's Associates tab 

  • Resolved error preventing ability to add an Associate on a supplier card

Defect Fix 9074: Invoice number increments after validation error

  • Errors during invoice creation will no longer increment invoice numbers in the system

Defect Fix 9083: Fees Billed value on the dashboard does not match the Fees billed on the fee earner performance report

  • Corrected dashboard to display Fees Billed correctly reduced by the amount of the credits applied. This now matches the Fee Earner Performance report


Defect Fix 8522: Updating Task details is not persisting, when updated via the Open Matter task tab

  • Users will now be prompted to save any unsaved changes to Tasks in the Matter view

Defect Fix 8524: Exception thrown when enabling 'Show Auto Filter Row' option

  • Resolved exception when enabling option

Defect Fix 8835: When task row is initialised by setting a date from the date picker the date is still set to today

  • The task date picker now holds correctly once this has been modified

Defect Fix 8935: Dragging and dropping a file onto a user in the Scans screen fails to import the scan

  • Drag and drop of scans is now supported

Defect Fix 8965: Matter's Permissions button is visible for everyone

  • The Permission button only shows on Matters when the user has Admin Role

Defect Fix 8971: Tasks view date editor gives very little time to enter input

  • Improved usability, providing more time for users to enter a date/time in the task grid view

Defect Fix 8992: Document explorer 'Add Note' form is poorly formatted

  • Improved formatting for 'Add Note' & 'Document Check In/Version' forms

Defect Fix 9013: Location Column not populated in search results

  • Location column now populates correctly

Defect Fix 9041: Column order loading incorrectly on Documents 'list' view

  • Fixed an issue where moving the column order in the list view on the Documents viewer, did not always remember the new order when closed and reopened

Defect Fix 9068: Errors saving Options when config file contains old value for Diary Synchronisation period

  • Where the Config value of 'cms.diary.sync.appointments.from' is set to 14 the user can now apply changes to their options

Defect Fix 9070: Incorrect merge of two emails into PE with same Subject when using drag and drop

  • Resolved issue where emails drag and dropped at the same time with the same subject were falsely identified as the same email

  • If 'yes' is chosen on this dialog and both are saved, both are copies of one of the two emails (rather than one being one and the other being the other)

Defect Fix 9073: Outlook add-in filing emails despite option set to 'Send without Filing'

  • Resolved issue so that emails are not filed under this option



Main Release


Feature 8559: Add new screen for Auto Text entry

  • Text shortcuts can be set up to automatically populate invoice line entries, payments, and trust and office receipts. Additional improvements.

Feature 9019: General Ledger Cube Reporting

  • General ledger reporting over a given period is now available as part of the Cube.

Enhancement 7164: Add Approved By on the Manage Invoice screen

Enhancement 8947: Add total deposits and withdrawals to bank reconciliation screen



Beta Release


Defect Fix 4492: Invoice number does not change if last number already used

  • Users can now set the 'Last Invoice Number' to a lessor value.


Feature 8044: Allow Option to Set Comment Field as Mandatory When Checking in a Document

Defect Fix 4307: Scrolling through the Calendar does not load appointments

  • Resolved an issue when scrolling through the Week or Month views in the Calendar using the mouse scroll wheel or scroll bar, appointments did not load

Defect Fix 8903: Values entered into fields are not persisting between tabs when creating a new task in the Tasks grid view

  • Resolved issue with Task fields not persisting, and Tasks not saving correctly



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